Saturday, November 13, 2010

The new headboard

I borrowed this idea from my parents bedroom. My dad created this gorgeous much larger headboard using wallpaper and lots of trim but I being a simple girl tried a different approach:) Before I start please ignore the plain coloured walls they are in transition right now and are currently being painted a beautiful coffee brown:)

This project is for a king size bed and obviously would need to be altered for a smaller bed.

So for this project you'll need
One 5 panel door
crown molding
Base paint colour of your choice (I used a burgundy by Behr but can't recall exact colour)
Top paint colour of your choice ( I used Cottage White)
One jar of crackle medium
painters tape

First step cut the door down to fit the width of your bed. When you cut the bottom of the door of you cut away the inner support with it. Remove the inner support from the scrap you have left over and install it back into the bottom of the door that is now open, it's easy trust me:) Then using a nail gun attach the 2x2s to the back edges of the door. Install to all 4 sides. This helps with mounting the door to the wall but also creates more depth for the headboard. Don't worry about the visible joint that now is seen from the sides. After all the painting is done you won't be able to see it.

Cut crown molding to size and mount along top edge of headboard. I have a inch lip on the top of mine so if I got creative enough I could put some lighting rope in the top and it not be seen.

I did not prime the door, because it already comes primed from the store. Take your base paint and apply 2 coats to the door. Allow to dry thoroughly. Once dried your going to tape of with your painters tape the areas you DO NOT want the crackle effect on.

Apply the crackle medium as per the directions on the bottle. You apply it in one direction with a paint brush. If you desire more crackle you can brush more strokes in one spot for that effect. Be patient and allow it to work it's magic. Trust me it will happen and when it does it looks gorgeous!!!! After the crack has started to work you may remove the painters tape that you applied earlier. You could probably apply a polyurethane if you wanted for seal and shine but I didn't and I think it looks great:)

To mount the headboard I mounted 2x2s x2 (top and bottom) onto my bedroom wall (into studs) that fit inside the outer edge you created on the back of the door. Use at least a 3in screw or it WILL NOT hold the door to the wall, trust me I speak about this from Then you carefully hang the door to the wall and screw into those 2x2s that are on the wall, I went from the top and bottom of the project to secure it.


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  1. Danica - that's gorgeous! Wow! Great job! I love it. It makes me wish we didn't have heaboards! lol