Saturday, November 13, 2010

From old to new then back to old:)

Warning mom do not proceed ahead if you don't like this picture:)

I say that because my loving mom gave me these brass lamps which I liked for a while but was always slightly turned off by the brass. She told me the last time I suggested changing them that it was not to happen:( So after 2 years of them sitting in the garage I decided they needed a change, which of course I do first then show mom later right;). I used the same finish on these as on our dresser and thought it would work great on these lamps.

For this project you will need:
Brass lamps
White spray paint (Beauti-tone semi-gloass white)
Minwac English chestnut stain
Shop towels

Step one:
Find brass lamp:) The lightly sand the lamp to give the paint something to stick to. Then wipe down with a semi damp paper towel, then with a dry paper towel to get all the little bits off.

Step two:
Tape of parts you don't want painted, don't forget the cable. Then apply 2 coats of white spray paint, allowing each layer to dry appropriately.

Step three:
Using brush coat lamp in stain. I did it in 2 sections so the stain was absorbed evenly. Let stain sit for one minute then wipe off with shop towel. Allow base coat to dry, continue apply coats until you reach the desired finish your looking for. I used 2 coats of stain for this look. I love love love how the paint didn't hold in all areas. It makes it look even more aged and actually to me looks silver, not the original brass that is hiding underneath. I did not cover with a sealant but you could clear coat it if you want too. I like the look and feel at this point so left it:) Can't wait until the bedroom is done then I can add these to my tables.

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  1. Beautiful! Great technique! I always see brass lamps at the thrift store. Might have to give them a second look next time! :)