Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Master bedroom remodel...is almost done:)

When we first laid eyes on our house I thought it was perfect, not a thing to change! Well when you move to middle of no where with no friends or family except for your husband (who works alot) and dog you get bored easily. So I decided to take on some remodeling. This bedroom has been nothing but a frustrating experience as I could not figure out what to do. So here we are after 3 different paint colours:) I finally found one that I love and creates that warm cozy feeling I was looking for.

The room still needs crown molding and to have the trim finished. I also ordered a great vinyl saying to go above the bed but it hasn't arrived yet. Room should be done done by next week:)

Here is the almost finished room:

OMG can't believe I ever thought this colour was a good idea!! Dan should have slapped me before I decided to paint all four walls this colour. Three of them were promptly painted back to cream!

More after: 
The door to the left is 2 inches taller then the other doors...makes no sense I know, thanks to the crazy carpenter who according to my dad installed the door frame upside down because the door is also 2 inches off the floor???? The reason is why there is only trim at the top, I had the store cut the 14ft pieces down but they were too short for this door:( Ah I'll fix it next week:)

Instructions for this project can be found at: http://ournorthernhome.blogspot.com/search/label/headboard

This mirror was a tile mosaic mirror that we got as a wedding gift. The tiles were green to match that ugly colour I mentioned above so this had to remedied quickly. I applied the same finish to this that I did to lamp.

A few years ago I painted these nightstands black.....poor lack of judgement I know. Well I stripped them back down but left bits of the black left to add to the aged look. I stained them using the same stain as the dresser. The thing that bugged me about these night stands is they had no feet which made them too short for our king size bed. After shopping around and see that the legs were going to cost me $80 for the 8 I needed I got creative. I used some left over trim that we had in the garage and created my own legs - cost free!!! I think they turned out fantastic!

Revitalized dresser:

New lamp:
Instructions for this project can be found at: http://ournorthernhome.blogspot.com/2010/11/from-old-to-new-then-back-to-old.html I thought my mom was going to kill me when she saw these pics but she said I'm still in the will and she'll forgive me:)


  1. I really love your head board. I blogged hopped over from The DIY Show.

  2. Agreed on the headboard. I've always been a bit scared off by the crackle paint, but the way you have used it is awesome!


  3. I saw your introduction on DIY. Good luck with your photography and welcome to the decor world of blogging. I'm not a blogger, but I do have a website.

    We have something in common, I have been working on a bedroom too. We just completed making a headboard and bed frame, that lead into refinishing a dresser. One new thing in a room makes everything else look pretty shabby.