Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nursery is officially dinner:)

It's been a long haul with this room but it is truly a labour of love that is now complete:) Without further delay here is James all we need is James so we can start using it!

Incase you all forgot what the before looked like here it is. This used to be my office/craft room. In reality it was more of a spot to dump my My wonderful father in law converted the guest bedroom closet into a work space for my future sewing and card making project (pictures will follow).

This feature wall was a true labour of love. After painting the main wall colour with the assistance of my very pregnant friend I spent 6 hours drawing the trees then painting them. I went with one coat versus 2 because I like the grain that it added to the trees - little more real in my eyes.
The tree beside the closet is a growth chart. Up close you can see little numbers from 1ft to 5ft. I wish I could take the credit for DIYing the curtains but my mom was wonderful and found these easily adjustable curtains at IKEA. All I had to do was shorten them the perfect length and then iron them with no sew tape. 
This is one of my favorite pieces of the room. I saw a friend do this for her little one and thought  it was too cute not to recreate. This project cost me a whole $10 I think. I used 3 embroidery hoops and a wooden letter J, plus some fishing line and jewelry clasps to hold everything in place. I then painted it all the same off white I used for the trees on the wall. 

My wonderful cousin gave us this saying, and the matching story book as a baby shower gift. Little did she know that this is actually my favorite childhood book! I was so excited to receive this. I think it adds that perfect finishing touch to the wall.


Every little baby needs a giraffe named Sophie!! I finished the lamp and mirror using the same antique finish that I used for the lamps in our master bedroom. 

I wanted a change table but didn't like the $30 price tag and found them a bit big. I created my own with the help of a friend. I just used 2 pieces of firm foam. One for the base and then cut 2 inch wide stripes and glued them to the top edges. I used some left over fabric from the bedding and made a matching cover for it. 

Finally!!! The bedding. Two of my good girlfriends helped me with this large endeavor. This was a bit more then we bargained for but it turned out amazing and was well worth all the effort!! My main reason for making this was because I didn't see any bedding sets out there that went with the relaxing look I was trying to create, but also I was trying to save some money. Well the bedding definitely goes with the look I was trying to achieve but sure didn't save me any money LOL! Actually cost more then buying a set but ah well you only have your first baby once right? You might notice we are missing a crib sheet, I'm waiting on the mail for it to arrive. 

I haven't sewn in probably 10years so the above project could not have been done without my girlfriends. But it got me inspired so I bought a new sewing machine and finally was able to use the left overs of fabric and made this cute valance!