Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update on nursery:)

I have been a very busy girl the past two weeks. I took down all the old ugly trim in the nursery. My girlfriend who is very pregnant and I got to work and painted all the walls Pioneer Grey from Benjamin Moore. I then hand drew all the trees following an image on the web on my iphone...oh yeah that was fun going from a small picture to full size:P I installed crown molding and new trim....trim is almost all done. Oh I also painted a grow chart on the wall too....using the same tree idea. Tomorrow I'll finish the trim then I'm done until the bedding and curtains material gets picked out which is in May. I figured I should get it all done before I loose this lovely burst of energy I have!

Here is what we started out with:


Here is the finished product so far:)

Here is the growth chart.

upclose of growth chart

After all this we have to wait for the dresser to arrive. I have a few shelves to hang on one wall. We find out the babies sex in two weeks and then we can choose baby bedding and curtain material:)